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As a plus size woman its difficult to explain to others what you feel inside and how the world can sometimes be a cruel place when you stand out in a crowd.

As a plus sized person myself I can testify that its not easy at all to step out with a hopeful heart and try to live and simply be a human being and have spectators stare at you or outright laugh and say hurtful and painful comments.

There are many times that I have felt to retreat and remain indoors to avoid the shame and pain that I often feel when I go out there and face ridicule and exclusion.

There was a time when I built my whole life in a way that I stayed at home at that time when I was weighing close to 400 pounds and I could barely walk and felt that I did not belong.

I went through many abusive and destructive relationships which caused me to come really close to death.

It took me having a serious back surgery and being diagnosed with Diabetes to realize that my life was slipping away because it mattered so much what others thought and how desperately I wanted to be loved.

I decided to fight and went to the gym and started to eat better and removed certain hazardous foods from my life.

Not because I wanted to fit in but because I wanted to love myself more than what I did.

With a lot of prayers I was able to stand on my feet and walk and merge back into main stream society even being able to commute to and from work.

While the road is still rough I am now struggling sometimes because I can't handle the exclusion sometimes I feel so badly that I want to relapse but then I remember how far I have come.

You see to all the women out there who feel as if they have no place because of their body image its wrong to allow people to put you in such a place.

Every one has a purpose everyone a contribution and no one deserves to feel less than what they are no matter their outter image.

There is a "Queen" inside every woman and not every one was designed to be the same or this world would be extremely boring.

When you walk with your head held high loving who you are starting from the inside its hard for anyone to get inside and take that love away from yourself.

The world is a large place and it would be like trying to stop multiple holes in a damn if you try to combat the world and some of the cold hearted individuals that we share space with it would be a mission impossible.

Though we can increase awareness on how to perpetuate self worth and embracing inner beauty and learning how to love yourself.

It takes time but it is not impossible to achieve.

There are definitely tools in which one can use and the first is to pray for strength, maintain a smile, and remind yourself of your worth that you are just as much as worthy as the other person.

Dwelling and focusing on the negativity out there will only further drive you to insecure feelings and depression.

I can't say each day is full of sunshine but there is shelter from the rain metaphorically speaking.

The world is big enough even for the plus sized women out there and nothing is wrong with who you are and what you look like and if one wants to make change make change because you want to and not to be a part of society's rule of what one "SHOULD" look like.

~Every Man Has The Right To Decide His Own Destiny fr: Bob Marley~


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Beautiful Bold Women's Outreach Performance INC. is so pleased to announce our newest additions to our team. 

A strong and loving welcome to Natasha Von Castle, Natalie Brown Silvera, Elizabeth McDougall Williams and, Ann Marie Lewis.

We are looking forward to putting all of our expertise to work to fullfill our committment of having an impact on the young women in our community who face barriers and are in great need of empowerment because of their body image.

Our endeavor is not an easy one but working together with an inclusive approach will be our strongest tool in breaking down barriers for a target population that so often goes unrecognized.

For the rest of 2016 we will be working very hard to achieve our goals and brainstorm and work together to make a difference for the young women in our community who lack support especially as a plus sized young woman in today's society.

Thank you to each and every one of us who are dedicated to living up to our mission statement "Thriving To Empower & Embrace The Beauty Within".

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