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Rainy and Sunny Days

Its easy to get weary living as a woman in this world.

Most women now a days are maintaining jobs, raising children on their own, and also struggling with relationship problems and fitting into society.

It can be difficult as we face a great deal of discrimination on various levels.

The key to staying a float mainly is the message we tell ourselves.

If we say we can't go on then we tend to remain in that mind set.

If we remind ourselves of the reasons why we have to keep moving and keeping our heads up and fighting the woes of life it makes the struggle that much more easier.

Its always wonderful to set goals even if they are daily small goals that way when you have those moments where you feel to lay down and soak in problems and focus on the things that are hurting us or letting us down it serves as a motivator to keep moving.

When we know what we want it makes it easier if we remind ourselves of where we want to go and where we want to be.

No job is easy, no life is easy, and struggles is inevitable its the management of those struggles that counts the most.

The greatest aspect of life is that it seldom remains the same forever its a reeling constant motion so when the rain seems to be pouring on you just remember the sunshine has to come.


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Beautiful Bold Women's Outreach Performance INC. Endorses Ghana's Central Music Awards

Our Board

Beautiful Bold Women's Outreach Performance INC. is so pleased to announce our newest additions to our team. 

A strong and loving welcome to Natasha Von Castle, Natalie Brown Silvera, Elizabeth McDougall Williams and, Ann Marie Lewis.

We are looking forward to putting all of our expertise to work to fullfill our committment of having an impact on the young women in our community who face barriers and are in great need of empowerment because of their body image.

Our endeavor is not an easy one but working together with an inclusive approach will be our strongest tool in breaking down barriers for a target population that so often goes unrecognized.

For the rest of 2016 we will be working very hard to achieve our goals and brainstorm and work together to make a difference for the young women in our community who lack support especially as a plus sized young woman in today's society.

Thank you to each and every one of us who are dedicated to living up to our mission statement "Thriving To Empower & Embrace The Beauty Within".

Beautiful Minds & Souls

Welcome To Beautiful Bold Women's Outreach Performance INC.

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