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I love people and contributing all that I can in helping my community to grow in a positive way.

Favorite Music
I love all genre of music providing that it is clean and most of all uplifting!

Favorite Movies
My favorite movie is The Imitation Of Life.

Favorite Books
My favorite book after the Holy Bible is The Catcher in The Rye

Favorite Quotations
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

General About Me
My name is Vanessa St Louis and I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. As the middle child I was born as the different one. I grew up in a Christian home with my mother, father, and 4 other siblings. Growing up I always had a giving nature however had a very unique character. My teen and adolescent years were not an easy journey for me as I was in and out of institutions and mental hospitals. I suffered from severe depression and it was predicted that I would never make it. I left high school at the age of 12 and definitely was heading in that path of not ever making it. It was in my early 30s that I realized that what ever was hurting me inside the way to fight back was not to sit and over eat, or lash out, or give up on my hopes and dreams. I then decided to get out there and graduate from high school, learn computers, and finally attend Centenial College to fill my hopes and dreams of becoming a social worker. All my life I have always loved music and am now in an position where I can use my passion for music and social work and merge them together by giving back to the community women hope and encouragement with music as its platform. I am not ashamed to share my journey and where I have started from. I couldn't walk at one point in my life and lived in the world of the morbidly obese. I want to reach as many women out there who believe that they can't achieve even if its a pound a day or a book a day where ever they fall short I want to testify that with determination and perseverance there is NOTHING that one can't achieve and most importantly God as the SOLID foundation. I am happy to be working with Beautiful Bold Womens Outreach and even if we reach one woman out there in our community then I can rest assured for one is better than none. Thank you so MUCH for joining us here at Beautiful Bold Women.

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