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Responsibility Who Should Take It

It's easy for us to try and lay the responsibility on another because it helps us to escape the harsh reality of facing ourselves and realizing that we do as normal humans make mistakes.

Sometimes we go through cycles where we become so melancholy because it seems as if we need something new in our lives.

Those periods where we feel as if we are stuck in one place. At those points in life is when the subconscious is telling us that we need to make a change.

No change ever comes easy for a matter of a fact and the reason why change does not come easily is for the mere reason that in order to create change we first have to confess and tell ourselves that there is a need for our individual selves to change.

For example in our interactions with other people we can sit and vent for hours on end about the people will live beside or work with or pass by on our daily commute and find 1 million faults and flaws and complain about how they treat us.

Rarely do we sit and think on how we can be a better person or what can we do to change to change the way we are percieved by others.

We try to run away from ourselves and from self reflection because we don't want to face the truth or the fact that what we bring to the table can have an impact on the meal being served to us.

Its easy to say how much we feel wronged and how much the world needs changing yet some of us take a lifetime to acknowledge the need for change.

If we as an individual can't tell ourselves or admit to ourselves that there is room and legitimate reason to change, then we will always remain in the position that we sit in until we really take a look at ourselves and assess the fact that we need to change position and acknowlege the reasons why.

The more self reflection that we engage in the more we get to know ourselves and who we are and thus the journey to change can begin.

The greatest aspect about self reflecting is that only you can hear what you tell yourself.

Sometimes rather than holding the world around us responsible for where we stand we have to carry some of that load too.


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Beautiful Bold Women's Outreach Performance INC. Endorses Ghana's Central Music Awards

Our Board

Beautiful Bold Women's Outreach Performance INC. is so pleased to announce our newest additions to our team. 

A strong and loving welcome to Natasha Von Castle, Natalie Brown Silvera, Elizabeth McDougall Williams and, Ann Marie Lewis.

We are looking forward to putting all of our expertise to work to fullfill our committment of having an impact on the young women in our community who face barriers and are in great need of empowerment because of their body image.

Our endeavor is not an easy one but working together with an inclusive approach will be our strongest tool in breaking down barriers for a target population that so often goes unrecognized.

For the rest of 2016 we will be working very hard to achieve our goals and brainstorm and work together to make a difference for the young women in our community who lack support especially as a plus sized young woman in today's society.

Thank you to each and every one of us who are dedicated to living up to our mission statement "Thriving To Empower & Embrace The Beauty Within".

Beautiful Minds & Souls

Welcome To Beautiful Bold Women's Outreach Performance INC.

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