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Strong words written by Orlando Meade

LIFE LESSONS;NEVER EVER SETTLE..BAD RELATIONSHIPS ARE POISON..Your life will change for the better when you finally accept and deal with the fact that you have a chronic attraction to poisonous people.Face it.Fight it. Defeat it.Setting a better standard shapes a better life...Let Go Of The People Who,Dull Your Shine,Poison Your Spirit and Bring You Drama..Cancel Your Subscription To Their Issues..

Settling for less is an epidemic with some women..they will settle for way less than they deserve in their relationships.It happens so often when they are dating,and this inevitably results in too much time and energy spent on the wrong man.they end up feeling unsatisfied,unhappy and far from the way they expected Love to feel.

Why do Beautiful,Smart Ladies,settle for less? It starts young.As children most were instilled with the sense that we're not good enough,that somehow they're not worthy of having what they want most..someone to truly love them.unconditionally..These beliefs create a deep fear in women as adults..fear that they'll end up loveless and doomed to die alone.Fear makes women lower their standards and accept whatever a man is willing to give,even if it's much less than they deserve.

How do you know that you're settling for less? It's simple.If the love you're experiencing doesn't feel good,doesn't feel right.if its making you more miserable than happy..your not getting what you should,what you deserve. Too often women get accustomed to their relationships not feeling right.they become immune to the drama,the Saddness,the pain.the Heartbreaks..they don't recognize that they don't feel safe or respected.They don't know what they're missing,because we've never had it.So feeling bad in love ends up feeling normal.

Are you in a romantic relationship or marriage thatís just not right for you,but youíre not willing to risk ending it? Maybe youíve convinced yourself that things will change or youíve done something wrong to deserve less than optimal treatment.Or your fear of being alone and feeling unlovable is unbearable..but you know that something is missing.

You may even know intellectually,that nobody should ever have to settle for less than they deserve,but your emotions are conflicted.This may leave you unwilling to take the chance of breaking things off because you fear you wonít meet someone else and will be alone for a long time.Perhaps some of your friends have been single for a while and they complain about how hard it is to meet a nice man or woman.Underneath all of these rationalizations is a deep seated fear of being alone.

The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little..Everyday,people settle for way less than they deserve.They are only partially living or at best living a partial life.not remembering that every human being has the potential for Happiness...Don't accept what's out there because that is all that's out there..Seek out what you genuinely want and don't settle.for The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for...A LIFE OF CONSTANT SADNESS AND TEARS.

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Beautiful Bold Women's Outreach Performance INC. is so pleased to announce our newest additions to our team. 

A strong and loving welcome to Natasha Von Castle, Natalie Brown Silvera, Elizabeth McDougall Williams and, Ann Marie Lewis.

We are looking forward to putting all of our expertise to work to fullfill our committment of having an impact on the young women in our community who face barriers and are in great need of empowerment because of their body image.

Our endeavor is not an easy one but working together with an inclusive approach will be our strongest tool in breaking down barriers for a target population that so often goes unrecognized.

For the rest of 2016 we will be working very hard to achieve our goals and brainstorm and work together to make a difference for the young women in our community who lack support especially as a plus sized young woman in today's society.

Thank you to each and every one of us who are dedicated to living up to our mission statement "Thriving To Empower & Embrace The Beauty Within".

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Welcome To Beautiful Bold Women's Outreach Performance INC.

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